Case Histories


Lithuanian Presidential Palace

The Lithuanian Presidential Palace and Parliament Building, located in the heart of the old town of Vilnius is a beautiful old structure. Originally built in the mid 1700’s as a small arts center, the building was allowed to deteriorate until the decision was made to use the historic building as the president’s residence, and a major renovation was undertaken. RowanBest supplied the contractors with state of the art coatings, sealants and caulks to complete the job. DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer not only protects this historic treasure against the damaging Lithuanian weather, but also gives it the grand appearance it deserves.


Aquatic Displays Preserved

Abbott’s Green Thumb Aquatic Nursery, Portland, Oregon cleans and decorates fountains, ponds and other aquatic displays on some of the finest residential properties of the Portland area. Abbott’s owner, Margie Allen, spent many painstaking hours at a residential property in suburban Portland turning an old brick planter into an ornate, European style fountain. She needed a quality waterproofing paint to help protect a hand-sculpted rose on the front of the fountain from continuous water exposure. She had relied on DRYLOK in the past and Margie knew it would be the perfect product to keep this rose fountain garden fresh for years to come.


DRYLOK® Adds to Golf Club Glamour

Two masonry cart path tunnels at the prestigious Pelican Hill Golf Club, Newport, California needed protection from water seepage, while maintaining the club’s distinguished appearance. The maintenance personnel purchased 200 gallons of DRYLOK in white and applied to the tunnels with great success. Now, thanks to DRYLOK, the tunnels and the golfers remain dry.


U-Haul® Storage

The Grede Foundry building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was recently converted into a U-Haul storage facility. This facility is one of many being developed, the largest is located in San Francisco, CA with over 1 million sq. ft. The Milwaukee unit is 178,000 sq. ft. and will hold 2000 storage units when completed. Two walls of the old foundry had severe water intrusion through the cement block walls; the inside north and east side walls were coated with DRYLOK Extreme which will help create dry usable storage space in this old building.


DRYLOK® Relieves Stress

This Split-Face Concrete Block building is the home of Toughstone Rehabilitation & Health Center in Staten Island, NY. The building was three years old and was deteriorating and not looking very professional. The contractor decided to change the red brick to a sandstone color by having Kings Building Materials tint DRYLOK Extreme. They brushed the first coat and rolled the second coat making sure to get the best coverage. The building is now a soothing color and has a new lease on life.


SeaWorld® Relies on DRYLOK®

Thousands of people everyday pass through an underwater pas- sageway to view the Moray Eel Caverns at SeaWorld’s Forbidden Reef Exhibit. Because this masonry tunnel is below the surface of the exhibit, it is subjected to extreme salt-water pressure from above, causing moisture seepage in the passage. SeaWorld relied on DRYLOK to solve the problem by applying it to the ceiling and walls of the passageway. The result: No more water seepage and SeaWorld visitors continue to enjoy the wonders of the Forbidden Reef.


DRYLOK® Key at Real Estate Development

The beautiful stucco homes at Hidden Canyon Estates had a problem with water seepage. Many of the homes were subject to water penetration during heavy rainstorms, especially when the storms were accompanied by high winds. Something had to be done to alleviate this condition. Owners of the development contacted their local paint dealer for their suggestion. The clear choice was DRYLOK. Over 10,000 gallons in three custom colors were applied to more than 80 homes at the development.


DRYLOK®, Top Secret Ingredient in EIFS Repair

Plaza Venezia in Orlando, FL showed many signs of water intrusion through window ledges and walls causing mildew and rot. Master Spray Property Maintenance Contractors uses DRYLOK on almost every EIFS repair that they do. EIFS or Exterior Insulating Finishing System is a system widely used for easy to apply non structural decorative ability. It’s basically Styrofoam panels, glued to a wall with colored stucco veneer over it. This system is used virtually on every shopping center in Florida. The EIFS Finish coat is so porous that it absorbs paint like a sponge. To repaint over the stucco veneer would take at least 3 coats of paint for it to dry uniformly. Master Spray Property Maintenance Contractors found that by applying 1 coat of DRYLOK as a sealer coat, they can actually apply just 1 finish coat and have a very uniform and sealed surface that hides any of the patch work.