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Reasons to use DRYLOK® Concrete Stain & Toner

DRYLOK® Concrete Stain and TonerDRYLOK® Concrete Stain and Toner is perfect for use in interiors, exterior patios, walkways, statuary, basement floors, garage floors, retail stores and shopping malls. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 
  • Available in 3 ready-mixed colors and tintable to 27 colors
  • The color is not determined by the composition of concrete-like acid stains
  • Topcoat with a water-base sealer for a gloss look
  • No neutralizing required
  • Perfect for new or existing substrates
  • Create unique finishes with ease
  • Mimic the look of old-world stone and marble
  • Will not mask the surface texture
  • Perfect for use with a sponging technique
KEY ADVANTAGES DRYLOK® Concrete Stain and Toner can be used alone or in combination with other colors for a decorative finish. Different looks will be achieved each time, depending on the substrate and the porosity of the surface. DRYLOK® Concrete Stain and Toner offers an artistic way of giving a semi-opaque, variegated appearance to bare or aged, vertical or horizontal concrete. It is less expensive and safer to use DRYLOK® Concrete Stain and Toner to brighten and decorate aged concrete. In addition, the adhesion is much stronger than when a concrete paint is used.

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