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The Sealed Cladding System

The Sealed Cladding System

The Sealed Cladding System: Making Portland Cement-Based Exterior Plaster (Stucco) Work in Warm/​Humid Climates

Course Number: UGL 0420
Course CE Credit: 1 LU/HSW CE Hour (Health, Safety, and Welfare)
Presenter: Harry Lubitz, CSI, CDT, RCI (harry.​lubitz@​ugl.​com)
AIA Provider Number: 404108947
Course Type: On-Site Lunch & Learn Presentation at Your Location

This course will help building design professionals to:

  • Understand the history of Portland Cement-Based Exterior Plaster (Stucco) and why this cladding is the best fit for warm, humid, hurricane-prone climates.
  • Review the ASTM standards step by step to understand positives and negatives, and minimize/​eliminate potential problems.
  • Realize the specific challenges of Climate Zones 1 and 2 and why Portland Cement-Based Exterior Plaster (Stucco) needs to be considered differently in southern and coastal climates versus other climate zones.
  • Compare face barrier systems versus other water management design options.
  • Test their ASTM standards knowledge and learn what to look for in correct construction techniques that provide occupant safety and limit liabilities.
  • Build a warranted exterior envelope system with proper finishing standards and trained, certified installers.
  • Identify potential long-term pitfalls to provide a schedule for proper maintenance and repair.

Upon completion of this course, building design professionals will be able to:

  1. Describe the reasons and rationale for specifying Portland Cement-Based Exterior Plaster (Stucco) for warm, humid, and hurricane prone climates.
  2. Understand specific ASTM standards, what they do (and do not) include and how to apply them.
  3. Build a correct specification that includes proper ASTM tests and correct details for your specific climate zone.
  4. Identify the specific installation problems and apply time-tested solutions to maximize occupant safety and minimize potential liabilities.
  5. Know what steps are needed to provide the owner with a warranted exterior envelope.
  6. Articulate the need for trained and certified installers and document a long-term maintenance schedule.

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