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DRYLOK® offers protection from wind-driven rain

Kalea Bay Towers, Naples, Florida

When wind-driven rain attacks a high-rise building under construction, the resultant water intrusion through the exterior CMU block is a nightmare for General Contractors and Sub trades. 

When water comes through the porous exterior block, it can significantly damage water-sensitive materials causing a complete job site shutdown. 

Water damage could require the replacement of some construction materials and significantly slow project completion.

It is essential to remove pooling water on floors as it causes a dangerous safety hazard when it leaks through to lower floors. Only when all the water is gone can construction commence.

With unexpected delays like these, the General Contractor is anxious to source a solution to move construction faster and avoid these time-wasting disturbances.

The simple and effective solution is applying a waterproof coating to the negative (interior) side of the CMU during construction to block water intrusion. DRYLOK® Original Masonry Waterproofer has been the choice of many projects plagued by this problem.

EXAMPLE: DRYLOK® Extreme applied to the inside of each of the three Kalea Bay Towers in Naples, FL, during their construction over the last several years. Tower 300, shown below, is the latest of five – 25 story residential towers being built on the Naples, Florida coastline.

Kalea Bay Towers Picture 2

The General Contractor, Manhattan Construction, and their Waterproofing Subcontractor, Spectrum Contracting, have used DRYLOK®® Original Masonry Waterproofer for years with successful results. DRYLOK® is a great product for masonry dry-in and many other waterproofing applications,” Explained Steve Rick, Senior Estimator with Spectrum Contracting of Naples, FL. We use DRYLOK® whenever we can.”

Kalea Bay Towers Picture 3

The tropical climate of coastal Florida is consistently inundated with wind-driven rainstorms, tropical depressions, and hurricanes, like 2017 Hurricane Irma, that directly hit Naples with 120 MPH winds and 142 MPH wind gusts. 

DRYLOK® is designed to stop wind-driven rain and is warranted to remain waterproof.

We had a heck of a lot of rain yesterday,” added Baltazar Lagunas, Senior Waterproofing Foreman for Spectrum Contracting, and as you can see, not a drop of water got in.”

Kalea Bay Towers Picture 4

With DRYLOK® installed, Manhattan Construction has been able to stay on schedule with interior construction while the exterior of the building remains under construction. When finishing a project on time is critical, DRYLOK® is a huge asset. Manhattan Construction has experimented with several options to solve this problem, and DRYLOK® fixed it for good. The minimal additional cost of installing DRYLOK® as a masonry dry-in product far outweighs the cost of delays, material damage, rework, and safety hazards.

Earlier this year, a homeowner had a small water intrusion problem on Tower 200 that we had completed a couple of years back,” explained Mike Watson, Construction Manager for Spectrum Contracting. The DRYLOK® we installed on that tower years ago saved the homeowner from a massive repair. DRYLOK® works for years to come shielding the building from water intrusion. 

We recommend DRYLOK® to all our clients for high-rise construction.”

When it comes to waterproofing masonry and porous cementitious surfaces, DRYLOK® is the simple to use, time-tested and warranted solution for keeping water out. Kalea Bay Towers 100, 200, and 300 are dry because of DRYLOK®, as will the future Towers 400 and 500 soon to be under construction. DRYLOK®…America’s #1 Waterproofer…stopping water for over 65 years.


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