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Masonry Basement Waterproofing Products, Supplies & Materials

Worry-Free Masonry Care and Repair Solutions for Residential and Commercial Projects.

North America's number one solution for masonry protection and beautification for over 68 years.

Protect and Beautify with DRYLOK®

DRYLOK® is available in several specialty formulations, all developed to deliver optimal performance for your masonry care and repair projects. Dedication to the success of your projects is our top priority.

DRYLOK® Masonry Products: Paint, Sealer, Concrete Waterproofing
Transferable Warranties

DRYLOK® is the only waterproofer in the industry with a fully transferrable warranty. The warranty stays with the project and not the applicator.

Project Success Support

Whether you are a homeowner or professional, our team of industry experts are available at every stage of your project to offer technical support.

Products for a Complete Project

Trust the DRYLOK® brand from start to finish with products developed for each stage of your project.

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DRYLOK® Visualizer

Mix and match DRYLOK® products to find the right look.

Featured Resources

Our most popular resources for inspiration, color selection, and application instructions.

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Trade Pros: Learn More About UGL®

ZAR® and DRYLOK® brands are made by United Gilsonite Laboratories. Backed by 85+ years of industry experience, UGL® partners with pros every day, providing application expertise, technical assistance, training, and job site support.