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Say Goodbye to Confusion: New DRYLOK® Clear Sealers Packaging

DRYLOK Clear Sealers

To enhance the clarity of the DRYLOK Clear Concrete and Masonry Sealers line of products and alleviate customer confusion at the store level, shoppers will soon see a redesign of DRYLOK® Natural Look, DRYLOK® Protector, DRYLOK® WetLook and DRYLOK® Siloxane. This redesign will employ graphic strategies aimed at isolating key drivers, making them prominent, and differentiating within the aisle environment.

Color coding will be pivotal in this redesign. Each product variant will be assigned a distinct color to facilitate easy differentiation. For instance, DRYLOK Protector has burgundy accents, while DRYLOK Natural Look sports taupe accents. Similarly, DRYLOK WetLook features blue markings on the labels, and DRYLOK Siloxane adopts brick-colored details.

Iconography will complement the color coding to convey each product’s primary features or benefits. Clear and intuitive icons will symbolize these attributes, making them instantly recognizable. Each label shows the effects the coating will have, with a before-and-after depiction of surfaces with each coating.

Natural Look

Clear and concise product names will be prominently displayed on each label to aid differentiation further. These names will be easily readable from a distance, ensuring customers can quickly identify their desired variant.

Surface application icons indicate the types of surfaces each product is best suited for. Pictures of stone, concrete, slate, brick, etc., clarify the intended applications.

walkway with clear sealer

Brief descriptions will accompany each product name, providing sufficient explanations of their primary purpose and benefits. For instance, DRYLOK Protector protects surfaces from freeze/​thaw and sun damage, offering SaltLock Technology.” At the same time, DRYLOK Natural Look can be used as a curing compound that seals and primes in one. All highlight that they are walk and driveway sealers.

Each label has an expanded application listing, before-and-after graphics, water droplets, and key features and benefits that differentiate each product from the other.


By implementing these graphic strategies, customers can easily distinguish between the different product variants, comprehend their unique benefits, and select the most suitable option for their needs and surface requirements.

DRYLOK Protector