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DRYLOK® Offers A New Level of Protection to Santa Cruz County Jail

When it was time to refurbish the exterior of the Santa Cruz County jailhouse in Northern California, the building maintenance team needed to secure a top-notch solution. A faded and stained exterior entrance greeted staff and visitors. Years of humid coastal conditions sentenced the concrete to mold, mildew, and discoloration.

In addition, areas with previously painted coatings had lost their color and integrity. Water intrusion around windows, doors, and flashing allowed moisture to migrate into interior workspaces. If allowed to continue, unhealthy conditions could create hazardous conditions for the staff and inmates.

The jailhouse maintenance staff testified that the areas with unsealed concrete were impossible to clean effectively, even with aggressive power-washing.


The cost was an important variable considering public budget constraints. However, high performance was critical due to the repeated cost of reapplying inferior coatings. The durability and reputation of DRYLOK® truly sealed the deal.


First, DRYLOK® Extreme Waterproofing was used to seal previously coated vertical concrete walls with direct-earth contact. Preparation included chemical wash and 1200 PSI pressure-washing. The DRYLOK® Extreme was tinted to a warm beige and applied quickly and easily with a Graco Ultra Max 695 Airless Sprayer using a Graco 421 tip. 


The differences were remarkable, commented the Santa Cruz staff. Tom Fakner, Deputy Director Capital Projects, General Services Project Operations, stated the new look is Crisp, clean and seamless. The building now has an aesthetic appeal that is noticed by all. The final effect exceeded our expectations.”

Next, DRYLOK® Siloxane 7 Sealer sprayed like a dream onto areas with bare concrete, using the same rig and a RAC 5 629 SwitchTip.

According to the subcontractor on the project, John Biakanja, owner of JB Stains & Paints Co., of Santa Cruz, The application of both DRYLOK products was easier than I thought. The project complete sooner than expected. Now I can bid jobs with confidence that I never thought would be profitable!”


In conclusion, the product features such as water clean-up, fast-dry, and low-odor protect the building and its occupants. The verdict is in; UGL DRYLOK is the right choice.

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