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A DRYLOK® Customer’s Email about Hurricane Sandy Protection

I just wanted to let you know your DRYLOK® paint is an exceptional product. When it rains, I usually get water in my basement from the north wall. I don’t have a sump pump, so I am usually down there with a 10 gallon shop vac to collect all of the water. When Hurricane Irene hit back in 2011, I spent the entire night vacuuming up water that was seeping into the basement. I was fortunate that I had power the entire time. 
This time, when Hurricane Sandy was predicted to hit Southern New Jersey, I had a purchased a gallon of Latex Base DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer. I prepped the north wall Saturday night and started painting Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I only had enough paint for one coat up to 4’-0” above the floor. By rainfall, the paint still had another hour until it cured. From Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning, the paint withstood the torrential downpour and ground saturation. There were a couple of pinholes here and there, but nothing to warrant more than a paper towel to clean it up. If I had lost power, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about the basement flooding. I plan to finish the rest of my basement with DRYLOK® and will recommend it to anyone looking to waterproof their basement. Again, I was very impressed with the results.