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DRYLOK® Makes Changing Seasons A Breeze!

There is nothing worse than spending time installing beautiful hardscaping to have it stain, crack, and pit. 

cracking concrete

Changing seasons and seasonal maintenance come hand in hand. Whether it’s raking, shoveling, or sweeping away the fallen leaves and snow, concrete hardscapes face the brunt of the seasons. Often concrete and other masonry are overlooked in the maintenance process. For now, the substrate changes may not be noticeable or very minimal, but over time porous materials like natural and man-made stone, concrete, stucco, and masonry will start to break down, dust, pit, crack, and stain. This deterioration occurs when subjected to the weather, water, oil, and UV rays.

Concrete’s biggest enemy is leaves and de-icing salts. These are two significant maintenance players in the changing seasons of fall and winter.

Leaves can stain concrete surfaces leaving behind unsightly brown outlines. These stains aren’t permanent, but they can be difficult to remove if left to sit for an extended period of time. Leaves stain concrete because while they decay, they release a dye known as tannins, which reacts with the alkaline in concrete.

leaves stain

Salt is a mild acid lowers the pH in the concrete. The acidic reaction attacks the concrete paste and aggregate, weakening the structure and strength of the concrete. It also increases the pore size, allowing additional water and chemicals into the concrete, exacerbating freeze/​thaw cycle damage.

deicing salts

The only way to prevent damage and deterioration is to protect your surfaces with a good-quality sealer. 

DRYLOK® offers a variety of sealers based on the customer’s wants and needs. From a wetlook high-gloss finish to a more natural look, DRYLOK® has you covered!

DRYLOK® Natural Look Curing Membrane & Penetrating Sealer

natural look

A specially formulated Curing Membrane & Penetrating Sealer soaks right in and provides matte protection that looks beautiful and natural. Use on interior and exterior masonry surfaces, including concrete driveways, basement floors, garage floors, concrete sidewalks, patios, terrazzo, brick, and slate.

DRYLOK® WetLook Clear High Gloss Penetrating Sealer


Modern brick and sandstone’s clean lines and smooth face are complimented with a high gloss shiny, smooth finish. This product has the highest solids of all the clears and will offer the most protection. A non-yellowing, water-based sealer formula is perfect for horizontal and vertical masonry surfaces with a high gloss and a wet-look finish.

DRYLOK® Protector Clear Low Sheen Penetrating Sealer


This Clear Low Sheen Penetrating Sealer provides clear, weatherproof protection against deterioration caused by de-icing salts, household cleaners, acid, gasoline, oil, and weathering. Formulated with our exclusive SALTLOK® Technology, it penetrates the surface and provides superior resistance to unsightly efflorescence stains (salt deposits) that are often visible on brick, block, and poured concrete surfaces.

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