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DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer Stops Water and Decorates...all at the same time!

Unfinished basement wallOk, with the economy being what it is, if you need more space the only place to look is down. Take that dark, damp, and scary basement and turn it into the space you need. Yes, DRYLOK® is a masonry waterproofer, but it also decorates as it waterproofs. DON’T, whatever you do, put ordinary house paint on those walls. You may not have a water or moisture problem right now, but you may in the future. Once you have a coating on the wall, if water starts being diverted to your basement, you have no recourse. A waterproofing paint needs to enter the pores of the masonry; that’s how it stops water. The key to turning your basement into a usable space is to start with a waterproofing paint. A waterproofing paint is thicker than house paint, so it will take longer to apply but the application is just as simple. You can apply most waterproofing paints with a stiff bristle brush or a roller. You simply work the product into the surface of the masonry, filling the texture with the coating. The thing to remember is that this coating needs to perform a task, so it is important to follow the label instructions. The experts at UGL recommend applying the first coat with a nylon or polyester bristle brush for best results. The second coat can be applied with a brush or masonry roller. Follow directions for application carefully. If the area you covered is more than the recommendation on the label, you’re spreading the paint too thin. Two coats are usually sufficient to stop seepage. However, if seepage is still present after several days, an additional coat may be necessary. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination. After you have followed the three steps of prep, patch and paint, just add accent pieces for your own decorative touch. [gallery link=“none” ids=“1576,1575,1574”]