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Turn your Basement into Usable Living Space

Use DRYLOK® to Turn Your Basement Into Usable SpaceWith the economy being as tight as it is, if you need more space the only place to look is down. Take that dark, damp, scary basement and turn it into the space you need. Although DRYLOK® is a masonry waterproofer, it also decorates as it waterproofs. DO NOT, whatever you do, put ordinary house paint on those walls. You may not have a water or moisture problem right now, but one may arise in the future. Once you have a coating on the wall, if water starts being diverted to your basement, you have no recourse. A waterproofing paint MUST enter the pores of the masonry…that’s how it stops water. And, if you ever decide to insulate, stud the walls and hang drywall, having DRYLOK® already in place will save you time.