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Waterproofing Below Grade Prior to the Spring Thaw

A white home with black shutters and a brick chimney covered in snow.


As any homeowner knows, spring is the time of year when the weather starts to warm up and the snow starts to melt. However, it can also be the time of year when homes start to experience water damage. Waterproofing below grade prior to the spring thaw can help prevent water damage and keep your home in good condition. 

There are a few ways to waterproof your home, and the best method depends on the specific needs of your home. 

The Dangers of the Spring Thaw to Basements

A cinderblock wall with water damage. The red and blue UGL logo is visible in the bottom right corner.


As the weather warms, many people begin thinking about home improvement projects. One area often neglected is the basement. However, the spring thaw can actually pose a serious danger to basements that are not properly prepared. 

When the snow and ice melt, the resulting water can seep into cracks in the foundation, causing flooding and water damage. Additionally, the increased moisture can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect your basement from the spring thaw. 

One way to do this is to ensure that all cracks in the foundation are properly sealed. Another is to install a sump pump to remove any water that enters the basement. By taking these precautions, you can help keep your basement safe during the spring thaw.

Checks to Make Before Assessing Basement Walls

An empty basement with hardwood floors, white walls and bright lighting.


Verify Yard is Properly Graded

Improper yard grading is one of the leading causes of water damage to homes. During the winter months, when rain and snow are more prevalent, water can pool in low areas of your yard and seep under the foundation of your home. This can lead to many problems, including cracks in the foundation, mold growth and even flooding. By ensuring your yard is properly graded, you can help reduce the risk of water damage to your home. 

Grading involves creating a gentle slope away from your house, so that water will drain away from the foundation. This can be a difficult task, but it’s well worth the effort to protect your home from water damage.

Check Egress Windows for Sealing Issues or Cracks

When spring arrives and the snow and ice start to melt, your home is at risk for water damage. One of the most vulnerable areas is your windows. If they are old and have cracks or are improperly sealed, they can let in water. This can lead to stained and damaged walls, carpeting and furniture. In severe cases, it can even cause mold and mildew to grow. To avoid this, check your windows before the thaw begins. If you see any cracks or gaps, seal them with caulk or weatherstripping. 

You should also check the seals around your windows to make sure they are intact and in good condition. By taking these simple steps, you can help protect your home from water damage this spring.

Waterproofing Below Grade

Waterproofing below grade prior to the spring thaw can be beneficial because it helps prevent water damage caused by melting snow and early spring rains. It also helps keep mold and mildew from growing and can help prevent your basement from flooding. 

Best Waterproofing Products for Below Grade

A person in a blue and white flannel applying DRYLOK® Extreme Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer to a wall.


A home is a major investment, and the last thing any homeowner wants is for their foundation to start cracking and leaking. Waterproofing your foundation is one of the best ways to protect your home from water damage. There are many products on the market that can help. 

When applied to the interior of foundation walls, these products create a barrier that stops water from seeping through. This can help prevent cracks, leaks, and other forms of water damage. You want a product that bonds with the masonry block and forms a permanent seal. 

DRYLOK® Original Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer

A teal-colored paint can of Drylok waterproofer. The can has a metal handle and “DRYLOK” written in large white letters across the top of the can.


DRYLOK Original Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer is the best way to protect your investment from water damage. It actually penetrates the pores in surfaces like concrete and masonry and bonds to create an impenetrable barrier that will stop water leakage. Consider these benefits:

  • Can resist up to 10 pounds of hydrostatic pressure per square inch (psi)

  • A ten-year warranty that is fully transferable

  • Resists moisture penetration from wind-driven rain up to 98 mph

It’s easy to clean with warm, soapy water and will dry to the touch in 90 minutes. You can recoat it within two hours, and two coats are recommended for best results.

DRYLOK Extreme Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer

A dark blue gallon-bucket of DRYLOK® Extreme Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer with white and red text.


DRYLOK Extreme Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer is guaranteed to stop water from coming through walls, whether above or below ground level. This includes basements, retaining walls and concrete swimming pools. This DRYLOK product can stop water up to 15 psi — that’s equivalent to a 33-foot wall of water! 

We also offer a fully transferable 15-year warranty. In addition, our products have been tested to withstand Cat 4 hurricane winds. DRYLOK Extreme is the perfect solution for your home because:

  • It helps protect against radon gas penetration by reducing vapor transfer.

  • It is Green Wise certified, so you know it’s good for the environment.

  • The low-odor formula complies with all current VOC requirements and produces a breathable film. 

  • It will not trap moisture in the masonry but cleans up easily with warm, soapy water.

DRYLOK Powdered Masonry Waterproofer

A blue bucket of DRYLOK® Powdered Masonry Waterproofer with red and white text.


DRYLOK Powdered Masonry Waterproofer can be utilized on both the interior and exterior of your home to prevent water damage, as it withstands 10 psi. The low-odor formula is easy to mix with water and can be applied to slightly damp surfaces.

DRYLOK Powdered Masonry Waterproofer creates a breathable film that won’t trap moisture in the masonry, is easy to clean up with soap and water and has superior efflorescence resistance.

Its additional benefits also make it a great option for combatting water infiltration:

  • It reduces radon penetration, while still being an economical waterproofer option.

  • After 30 days, you can paint over it using high-quality latex paint, if desired.

  • One 35-pound purchase should cover 140 – 210 square feet.

For the Best Waterproofing Products, Trust DRYLOK

If you’re looking for the best waterproofing products on the market, you can trust DRYLOK. We have a wide range of products that can meet your needs, and all of our products are backed by a ten-year warranty. 

We also have products that can withstand up to 15 psi of hydrostatic pressure, making them perfect for protecting your home from water damage. Contact us today to find a retailer near you!