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The DRYLOK® Sealed Cladding System

The DRYLOK® Sealed Cladding System is a face barrier coat system for portland cement-based plaster. It is the only code-approved, tested, and warranted system for exterior cladding in all climates — including warm, humid zones. It is well-suited for areas that are susceptible to tropical storms, hurricanes, other weather extremes, and a high airborne salt concentration.

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Why Use the Sealed Cladding System?

When stucco cladding systems are deployed in harsh, damp environments, they require a face barrier coat system” that includes proper sealants of all penetrations. This prevents water from passing through the cladding system or around the penetrations. With this system in place, it eliminates the need for a drain plane” system since there is no water to manage” behind the stucco

Designed for all climate zones, as defined by the International Energy Conservation Code, this system is well suited for use in Zone 1, 2, and 3.

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Learn More About the DRYLOK® Sealed Cladding System

Continuing Education

Schedule a presentation with one of our experts to take a course on the Sealed Cladding System.

The Sealed Cladding System: Making Portland Cement-Based Exterior Plaster (Stucco) Work in Warm/​Humid Climates
Approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

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See the Case Studies

DRYLOK® is used in a wide variety of commercial applications.