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Residential Home Stucco Rehabilitation Tarpon Springs, FL

DRYLOK® EXTREME Performs a Stucco Rescue”

Waterproofers have many advantages.

Contractors and homeowners alike know the advantages of waterproofing new exterior cement stucco projects with DRYLOK EXTREME. It penetrates into the porous bare stucco surface. It provides a waterproof barrier coat. And, it protects against water intrusion from wind-driven rain and takes the punishment of years of sun exposure.

What to do if your structure is beyond its limits?

If your builder failed to provide you a DRYLOK barrier coating, and the structure has gone beyond the limits of the original paint coat, what do you do? It was the unfortunate dilemma facing a homeowner in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The stucco surface cracked so severely because of the lack of protection, the homeowner potentially faced a complete removal of the skin. They began a search for options and connected with stucco consultant, Jay Hester of Second View Consulting in Palm Harbor, Florida. We routinely see stucco that has degraded because of exposure to the elements, pushing past the time limit of the original paint coat,” explained Jay. Often, the original paint coat is inadequately applied, stretched too thinly for proper protection, and the stucco surfaces weather significantly.”

DRYLOK Masonry Waterproofer was the solution.

While DRYLOK EXTREME is the recommendation for use on original bare masonry and porous cement surfaces, this homeowner was willing to test the product to penetrate the cracks in their stucco and seal them. Generally, DRYLOK EXTREME will bridge and seal cracks up to one-sixteenth of an inch. The Painting Contractor, Dennis White of Clearwater, Florida, had never used DRYLOK EXTREME before. When my team began to use the DRYLOK EXTREME, they noticed it was thicker than other products they had installed before,” commented Dennis. We sprayed and back-rolled the DRYLOK to the recommended mil thickness. We were amazed by the product, it filled and sealed the cracks, saving us an immense amount of time. Normally we would fill each individual crack with a caulking compound and the fill lines would be noticeable.”  Upon the application of the second coat of DRYLOK EXTREME, the cracks were all filled and virtually invisible. The flat white finish of the DRYLOK EXTREME provided a perfect canvas for top coating with a colored semi-gloss paint. The topcoat adhered flawlessly to the DRYLOK EXTREME base coats,” Dennis added.

Homeowner had overwhelming results.

The homeowner is overwhelmed with the results and delighted with the significant cost savings. The DRYLOK EXTREME solution was 75% less than the stucco removal and replace option. Dennis shared his positive experience with his supplier, Greg Brewer of First Choice Paints in Clearwater, Florida, First Choice Paints now stocks DRYLOK EXTREME in his store. It is important to note that DRYLOK EXTREME is not warranted over existing paint finishes. Old finishes have a direct impact on DRYLOK EXTREME’s ability to penetrate and waterproof. And, DRYLOK EXTREME’s bond to the structure is only as good as the old paint finish. Removing old paint by pressure washing and scraping will tend to improve bonding results. Cracking of the stucco may be a sign of structural movement and deficiencies and should be investigated by a professional stucco consultant. Cracks also let water into the substrate and can undermine the stucco, rust supporting metal lath and fasteners, and potentially degrade the substrate. Consequently, successful results on this project may not translate to another project due to several factors mentioned. It is essential to do as this homeowner did, seek out the opinion of a professional stucco consultant to make recommendations before undertaking any remedial actions. DOWNLOAD PDF