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How Painting Contractors Can Grow Their Business Easily By Waterproofing Basements

The image above is a split image. The left side depicts an unfinished basement and the right side shows a finished basement with white-painted walls, a washer and dryer, cabinets and plants.

There’s a significant trend towards increased awareness of waterproofing needs. Homeowners and property managers often face common issues like water damage that can lead to potential risks and costly repairs, especially in basements.

As a painting contractor, waterproofing basements is an excellent add-on service. It’s not only a sought-after service, but it also complements the skill set of painting professionals. By expanding into waterproofing, contractors can meet the growing demand for these services by providing a comprehensive solution to property owners.

Benefits of Waterproofing by Painting Contractors

Expertise in Surface Preparation and Sealing Techniques

Painting contractors bring a wealth of knowledge in preparing surfaces, which is crucial for effective waterproofing. Their experience in dealing with various surface types, from new constructions to aged buildings, helps to ensure that they can properly prepare and seal surfaces for waterproofing. 

Effective preparation involves cleaning, repairing cracks and applying sealants, all of which are skills that painting contractors already possess. Their ability to identify and treat different surface conditions, such as mold, mildew or efflorescence, makes them particularly suited for identifying waterproofing tasks.

Seamless Integration with Existing Painting Services

Offering waterproofing as an additional service allows painting contractors to provide a more comprehensive package to their clients. When a property is being painted, it is an opportune time to assess and address any waterproofing needs. 

This type of integration can lead to more efficient project timelines and reduced costs for the client, as both painting and waterproofing can be handled by the same team. Moreover, this approach enables painting contractors to build stronger relationships with their clients by being a one-stop solution for exterior and interior maintenance.

Cost-effective Solutions for Property Owners

By combining painting and waterproofing services, contractors can offer more cost-effective solutions to property owners. This dual-service approach can save clients money in the long run by preventing water damage, which can be costly to repair. 

Waterproofing can extend the life of a paint job by protecting the structure from moisture, which can lead to less frequent repaints. 

Additionally, painting contractors who are trained in waterproofing can spot potential issues early on by offering preventative solutions to avoid larger expenses in the future.

The Process of Extending Services

For painting contractors to extend their services to waterproofing, training and certification are key. They’ll need to acquire the necessary equipment and materials for effective waterproofing.

Training and Certification for Painting Contractors

To successfully extend their services to include waterproofing, painting contractors must undergo specialized training and obtain the necessary certifications. This training typically involves:

  • Understanding the principles of water ingress 

  • The various types of waterproofing systems 

  • Application techniques for different surfaces

Certification programs often cover the latest industry standards and technologies in waterproofing to ensure that contractors are up-to-date with their knowledge and skills. By gaining certification, contractors not only enhance their expertise, they also boost their credibility with clients, who often look for qualified professionals to handle waterproofing projects.

Acquisition of Necessary Equipment and Materials

For painting contractors expanding into waterproofing, equipping them with the right tools and materials is essential. This transition requires tools for surface preparation, like pressure washers and brushes, and equipment for applying waterproofing products, such as sprayers and rollers. 

Understanding the suitability of different waterproofing materials for various conditions and applications is crucial. Contractors should be familiar with the properties and application techniques of these products to ensure effective, durable waterproofing solutions.

Waterproofing Products

Familiarity with high-quality waterproofing products is essential. For instance, DRYLOK® Floor & Wall Masonry Waterproofer is a notable product in this category. This type of waterproofer is designed to protect masonry surfaces from water seepage while also providing a decorative finish. It’s suitable for use on interior, exterior, above or below-grade masonry walls, basement walls, retaining walls, foundations and more.

This versatility makes it an excellent choice for painting contractors looking to offer comprehensive waterproofing solutions. Contractors should explore a range of products like this to find the products that best fit their service offerings and client needs.

Masonry Repair Products

DRYLOK Masonry Crack Filler is ideal for sealing and waterproofing cracks in concrete sidewalks, walls, steps and floors. It dries to the color of concrete and is designed to withstand foot and vehicle traffic and provide superior concrete adhesion.

DRYLOK Fast Plug® is a rapid-setting hydraulic cement that is ideal for stopping water flow in masonry surfaces. It sets in about 3 – 5 minutes and expands as it hardens to create a strong, watertight seal. This makes it highly effective for fixing leaks in walls and floors and filling holes and cracks. Its quick-setting nature and strong adhesion properties make it a valuable resource for waterproofing applications, particularly in painting and contracting work.

DRYLOK Concrete and Masonry Liquid Etch & Cleaner plays a crucial role in the preparation phase of waterproofing by helping to ensure that surfaces are clean and ready for the application of waterproofing products.

Collaborations with Waterproofing Product Manufacturers

Forming partnerships with manufacturers like DRYLOK can provide painting contractors with access to high-quality waterproofing products, training, and support.

Marketing and Communication Strategies

Developing a comprehensive marketing plan is essential for promoting new waterproofing services. Painting contractors should communicate the value of their combined painting and waterproofing services to their clients by utilizing online platforms to:

  • Showcase recent testimonials

  • Highlight successful projects

  • Develop a marketing plan for the extended services

  • Communicate the value of combined painting and waterproofing to clients

  • Utilize online platforms and testimonials for promotion

Looking to Add Waterproofing to Your Service Offering? Work with DRYLOK for the Best in Waterproofing and Masonry Products

For painting contractors seeking to broaden their service range, incorporating DRYLOK’s comprehensive waterproofing and masonry products could be a strategic move. These products, known for their reliability and ease of application, can add an extra layer of durability and protection to your projects. 

Offering DRYLOK® solutions could enhance your portfolio, cater to the increasing demand for waterproofing services and deliver greater value to your clients. 

For more details on partnership opportunities and product offerings, contact us today!