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Renovating a Basement to Create a Home Gym

Creating a Home Gym by Renovating a Basement


If you are into physical fitness, the thought of adding a home gym is exciting. It affords privacy and convenience, and you can make it as personal as you desire. Whether you want to build a home gym in your basement or garage, creating that space can be rewarding as long as you follow some simple guidelines. 

This article will discuss the important details that need to be considered to ensure your home gym looks great for years to come.

First Things First: Preparing the Basement

The typical basement remodel will begin with four empty concrete or cinder block walls and an unfinished concrete floor. Before the home gym starts taking shape, some preparations must be addressed.

4 Basement Repair Considerations

1. Cleaning and Removing Efflorescence

This picture shows a gallon-sized DRYLOK® Concrete and Masonry Liquid Etch & Cleaner.


When creating your home gym in the basement, it is important to start with a clean floor and walls. To do this, you must first clean and remove any existing efflorescence (mineral deposits) from the walls and floor. Start by removing dirt, dust, grease and oil by washing with a detergent solution.

DRYLOK® Concrete and Masonry Liquid Etch & Cleaner is the ideal solution for achieving a clean, pristine look on masonry, stone, tile and brick surfaces. Not only does it effectively eliminate unsightly efflorescence and excess mortar, but also provides an optimal way of preparing smooth concrete before painting as well as conditioning galvanized surfaces.

2. Filling Major Cracks

Filling Major Cracks


It’s essential to fill any substantial cracks that may have occurred over time. The ideal product for this purpose is DRYLOK Fast Plug — a quick-setting hydraulic cement with an unbeatable watertight seal within 3 – 5 minutes. This enables you to work continuously without significant interruption and is suitable both above and below ground, even when there are active leaks!

3. Filling Minor and Hairline Cracks

This picture shows a 10.5 fl oz sized DRYLOK Masonry Crack Filler.


Ideal for areas subject to foot traffic or even vehicular movement due to its durable formula, DRYLOK Masonry Crack Filler is the ideal solution for remedying minor flaws in concrete and masonry. It can be smoothly applied to surfaces with a caulk gun to completely seal cracks or mortar joints on sidewalks, walls, steps and floors.

It quickly dries to match the color of your structure’s existing concrete finish without any bleeding, and it also cleans up easily using just soap and water.

4. Waterproofing the Walls

A teal-colored paint can of Drylok waterproofer. The can has a metal handle and “DRYLOK” written in large white letters across the top of the can.


You must waterproof the walls to protect against water damage, mold and mildew formation. DRYLOK Original Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer provides reliable defense from potential harm inside or outside of the area, as well as above-ground or below-grade. You can have the utmost confidence knowing that your basement is safe with our impressive guarantee to resist up to 10 psi of water pressure and 98 mph hurricane winds.

Select the Right Flooring

Because a home gym utilizes heavy weights that can do damage to concrete floors, it will be necessary to have foam tiles. Utilizing the concrete floor is sufficient and adding any other flooring on top of it is both unnecessary and a waste of renovation dollars.

Refinishing and Sealing the Concrete Basement Floor

A dark gray paint can of Drylok floor paint. The can has a handle and “DRYLOK” written in large white letters across the top of the can.


Leaving your basement floor exposed doesn’t mean you have to settle for an unattractive design. Enhancing the longevity and attractiveness of your basement floor is as simple as refinishing and sealing it. This process begins by grinding down any irregularities to produce an even, polished surface that can then be stained or glazed for added decorative flair.

DRYLOK Latex Concrete Floor Paint has been newly improved with a ceramic-fortified X‑linking formula, including better adhesion and low VOCs. This scientifically-formulated paint is perfect for both interior and exterior masonry floor surfaces. Its non-slip flat finish gives them an attractive look while protecting them from wear and tear. Plus, DRYLOK comes in 16 color options to suit any style!

Additional Considerations During Renovation

When planning a renovation project, it’s essential to remember that all the relevant details must be taken into account for successful results. Aesthetic elements are important, but a complete plan will also consider the following: 

Maximizing Natural Light and Adding Additional Lighting

By taking advantage of natural light, you can create a bright and inviting space while simultaneously reducing energy costs. Installing larger windows will allow for more sunlight to enter the room and will allow for additional ventilation. If there is limited access to natural lighting, task and accent lighting offer an effective way to make up for it by creating an illuminated atmosphere that also adds character! 

Combining recessed or track lights with wall sconces or pendant fixtures will provide illumination in all the right places while still allowing your unique style to shine through.

Proper Ventilation and Air Flow

Some basements are built simply as high-ceiling crawl spaces with few windows and doors. You’ll need to ensure that the gym has adequate ventilation to provide fresh air and exhaust stale air. Adding operating windows or screen doors can help accomplish this. 

You may want to consult a heat and air company and have them provide an estimate on arranging the ductwork for optimum ventilation in your new space.

Functional Drainage

When you are in the basement, there is no lower place for water to go. Modern building codes require that basements have drainage openings in the floor, but you should also make sure that you’ve waterproofed the walls and floor for added protection. 

Televisions and Sound Systems

While working out in a quiet room may be fine for some people, many exercise routines invite the introduction of video and audio. High-quality systems are very affordable today and should be part of your initial design if desired.

Designing Your Home Gym

As you finalize your drawings for your new home gym, make sure you’ve thought about all of the different exercises you and your family may eventually be involved in.




Weightlifting is an integral part of many fitness regimens, and having a home gym makes it both achievable and accessible. If you desire to build muscle or attain overall wellness, then weightlifting can be your key to success! Not only does lifting weights help improve strength but also increases body mass as well. Crafting a successful weightlifting routine requires numerous elements, some of which necessitate specific tools.

Squat Rack

When it comes to weight training, a squat rack is the perfect piece of equipment. It consists of two upright posts with adjustable safety bars and a barbell support that lets you rest your weights after each set. Squat racks provide stability and security during exercises so you can confidently lift heavier loads without fear of injury or instability. 


Whether you’re a beginner or an avid weightlifter, the bench is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for your home gym. With its adjustable backrest and seat, it allows you to perform flat, incline and decline exercises like shoulder presses as well as other movements such as rows and bicep curls. It’s also convenient because some benches feature storage compartments that make organizing all your weights simple.

Barbells and Dumbbells

Barbells, with their adjustable plates and lengthy frame, are ideal for toning exercises like squats and bench presses. Meanwhile, dumbbells come in separate sizes that make them perfect for activities such as bicep curls and triceps extensions. Both barbells and dumbbells provide resistance training to build muscle mass while boosting strength levels.

Cable Machines

Cable machines are a popular choice for strength training in home gyms and fitness centers. They use weight stacks with pulleys and cables that enable users to perform various exercises. Cable machines facilitate effective resistance training, and help individuals develop muscle mass, build strength, and increase their overall fitness level by targeting different parts of the body including the chest, back, arms and legs.

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga


Pilates and yoga are two distinct yet complementary forms of exercise that both focus on physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Pilates is a system that improves strength, flexibility and balance by utilizing low-impact movements with an emphasis on core muscles whilst aiming to enhance one’s posture as well as coordination for total body fitness. 

Yoga incorporates postures coupled with breathing techniques, plus meditation for holistic well-being.

Cardio Machines

Cardio Machines


Cardio machines are the ideal exercise equipment for strengthening your cardiovascular health. From treadmills and stationary bikes to ellipticals and rowing machines, these state-of-the-art technologies provide an effortless but effective way to boost endurance, burn calories and upgrade overall fitness levels while you’re at home.

Extras if Space Allows

Extras if Space Allows


If you haven’t filled your home gym area yet, consider these options:

Sauna or Steam Room

A sauna is typically made of wood with heat generated from a stove or heater. It produces dry heat that can enhance circulation, reduce stress and aid in purification through sweat. Alternatively, you can enjoy the moist atmosphere offered by a steam room, created by warm air produced by a steam generator. 

The humidity present in a steam room has the potential to not only hydrate skin but also to soothe and relax muscles, as well as enhance respiratory function. Saunas and steam rooms provide a wide range of health benefits that can be found at most gyms, spas or hotels today.

Ice Bath

An ice bath is an effective method used by athletes and fitness fanatics to reduce muscle fatigue and inflammation, which can aid in post-workout recovery. It consists of submerging oneself into a vat or container filled with cold water mixed with ice chips for 10 – 15 minutes. This aids in reducing swelling while simultaneously increasing blood flow throughout the body, allowing you to recover more quickly after intense physical activity. 

Although it may not be necessary for all individuals, practicing this technique regularly will enable you to maximize your performance potential as well as expedite the healing process.

Refinish and Prepare Your Basement for a Home Gym with DRYLOK

DRYLOK is your primary source for everything associated with sealing and waterproofing concrete floors and walls. From waterproofers to primers and sealers, we have the products that will help make creating your home gym in the basement or garage a total success.

Contact us today for more information and to locate a dealer near you.